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Iran Has Begun Preliminary Work on Building a Nuclear Warhead

Daily Alert 21 Apr 2024
After Iran's April 13 attack, "At least temporarily - very temporarily - Israel got out of the penalty box and Iran has gone in." ... "I have been led to believe that Iran's weaponization activities have begun.

Which way will Nifty swing this week? These top 8 factors may help you predict

The Economic Times 21 Apr 2024
With the Iran-Israel conflict dominating headlines, Nifty broke a four-week-long winning streak to end the holiday-shortened week 1.65% lower ... .

From Chamberlain to Biden, Lessons in Appeasement

The American Spectator 21 Apr 2024
He wasn’t ... S ... At last Iran has removed all doubt as to its intentions. But the headlines speak of Biden and his gang, the ever-appeasing Europeans, and of course, the Secretary General of the UN all urging restraint on Israel. Clearly, that is the key ... .

BBC 'slammed' for Taylor Swift coverage over Israel-Iran

The New Arab 20 Apr 2024
A number of pro-Palestinian activists online have criticised major news organisations for "prioritising" reports about US singer Taylor Swift’s newly-released album over news of Israel’s war in Gaza and its recent strikes on Iran.

Xinhua Headlines: Restraint urged after Israel's tit-for-tat strikes against Iran

Xinhua 20 Apr 2024
TEHRAN/JERUSALEM, April 20 (Xinhua) -- Explosions were heard early Friday near the Iranian city of Isfahan in an apparent Israeli strike, less than a week after Iran's barrage of missiles and drones in its first direct attack on Israeli territory.

Iran’s State TV Laughs Off Israel’s Retaliation Attack

The Daily Beast 19 Apr 2024
As reports of the Israeli attacks grabbed world headlines, an extraordinary segment unfolded on Iran’s pro-regime Press TV, where correspondent Gisoo Misha Ahmadi totally dismissed Israel’s retaliation.

Editor’s selection: Middle East at melting point and VLCC investor appetite cooling

Tradewinds 19 Apr 2024
Middle East tensions dominated the headlines this week after Iran seized control of a container ship in the Straits of ...

Iran’s ‘axis of resistance’ watches Israel and waits for command

Stars and Stripes 19 Apr 2024
While missile and drone launches by Iran-backed Houthi militants against ships in the Red Sea have grabbed headlines and remain a serious threat, most of Israel’s attention is on Hezbollah - ...

Where will Israel-Iran conflict blow up next? Red Sea, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon could all ...

The Daily Mail 19 Apr 2024
The Middle East teeters on a worrying precipice following a week of retaliatory missiles strikes between Israel and Iran ... Nevertheless this seems to be the last card for Iran to play ... Iran's Houthi allies are a highly disruptive force in Yemen.

It Takes A Village Where No One Is Above The Law To Bring Down A Tyrant

TPM 19 Apr 2024
Israel Strikes Inside Iran Overnight. Based on early reports, Israel’s retaliation inside Iran for the drone and missile attack last weekend on Israel seems relatively limited. A rundown of the major headlines..

Iran Attacks Israel: CNN Host Minimizes Barrage & Fake News Goes Viral

The Algemeiner 17 Apr 2024
The BBC and ABC News Australia did not specify in their headlines that Iran had fired hundreds of drones and long-range missiles at Israel, instead vaguely referring to the weapons as “objects.” ...

‘Unprecedented’: Western media wakes up to Iran’s military prowess against Israel

Press TV 17 Apr 2024
The operation that Iran declared was “limited” in scope included at least four waves of drone attacks and a volley of cruise and ballistic missiles ... The news of Iran’s retaliatory operation against Israel grabbed headlines worldwide.

Biden’s Middle East policy is beyond parody

New York Post 16 Apr 2024
That was satire site The Babylon Bee’s headline after Iran launched hundreds of missiles at Israel, despite President Biden’s stern warning to Iran ... Iran is, of course, a murderous terrorist state ... Iran — no consequences.

Boiling oil menaces macro math, market outlook

Live Mint 16 Apr 2024
The latest string of alarming headlines comes after Iran launched drones ...

Dollar gets back on top: Overtakes yen, yuan, and rupee

Cryptopolitan 16 Apr 2024
But it’s not just poor economic performance making the headlines ... Escalating tensions between Iran and Israel are causing a real headache for the financial sectors across Asia.