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The hostage handovers: Letters to the Editor — Nov. 30, 2023

New York Post 30 Nov 2023
Lefties deny the Oct ... 28) ... 26) ... The United States will demand that Israel end the war, thus perpetuating Hamas’ cruel rule, increasing risk to Israeli citizens and Palestinians too — and empowering Iran into the bargain ... The headline and cover of the weekend paper speak volumes as to how the hostages felt since their abduction (“Freed From Hell,” Nov.

World reacts to Henry Kissinger’s death and legacy in wars

Stars and Stripes 30 Nov 2023
foreign policy for the nearly half-century since he left government ... Kissinger has been blamed by critics for coups in Chile and Cyprus, and for backing oppressive government actions in Iran and Pakistan ... His obituary in Rolling Stone was headlined “Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies.” ... objectives ... The U.S ... .

Israeli forces kill commander of Islamic Jihad’s Jenin Battalion

Cleveland Jewish News 29 Nov 2023
The Jenin Battalion reportedly receives millions of shekels in funding from terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. One year ago, the Jenin Battalion made headlines by kidnapping Tiran Fero, 17, a member of Israel’s Druze community who entered Jenin together with a friend to get his car repaired ... .

Business leaders need help in getting off the ransomware merry-go-round

The Times/The Sunday Times 15 Nov 2023
Among headline-grabbing threats to elections and hostility from Russia, China and Iran, the rising number of ransomware attacks loomed large in this week’s National Cyber Security Centre annual report ... And,Sponsored. Related articles. KATIE PRESCOTT . COMMENT ... Katie Prescott. KATIE PRESCOTT ... .

The Shift in Focus from Ukraine to the Middle East Raises the Chances of World ...

The Unz Review 14 Nov 2023
The possibility of overthrowing Syria and Iran offers a much greater possibility of discomforting Russia. The neocons have wanted revenge on Putin ever since he stopped Obama’s overthrow of Assad, which, with Iraq already overthrown, would leave only Iran in Israel’s way ... Suddenly, defeated Ukraine is off the headlines.

5 things to know for Nov. 9: GOP debate, Impeachment probe, Israel, Actors strike, Meta

CNN 09 Nov 2023
Foreign policy was a primary focus as the candidates all pledged support for Israel and united in opposing Hamas, Iran and China ... He was instead headlining a rally of his own just a few miles away in the Miami area ... Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated groups.

On-Going Observations

TPM 06 Nov 2023
These are just observations on topics just beneath the headlines ... For years Iran’s strategy toward Israel was not to defeat it in a conventional war but to surround it with a group of proxy militias and statelets that would harass it into un-livability, a strategic death of a thousand cuts.

The US media's moral blindness over Hamas is showing, and it isn't pretty

The Hill 06 Nov 2023
Elsewhere at the New York Times, an equally shocking headline states, “For decades, Iran has vowed to destroy Israel ... Aside from the euphemisms — “militia” for terrorists and “fiery rhetoric” for calls for genocide — the New York Times presents as a “Sophie’s Choice” Iran's dilemma of whether to follow through with the promise to kill more Jews.
photo: White House / Photo by Carlos Fyfe
Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden host a BBQ with active-duty military families on the South Lawn of the White House

Don’t let Biden’s global chaos distract from his domestic corruption

New York Post 06 Nov 2023
President Biden’s lucky in a perverse way ... His coddling of Iran set up Hamas’ horrific assault on Israel; the resulting war has pushed out of the headlines major news on son Hunter’s influence-peddling operation, including the first hard evidence of how it put cash in Joe’s pocket. But Rep ... (The prez refuses to provide proof.) ... ....

All The Anti-Semitism That's Fit To Print

Hot Air 02 Nov 2023
Farnaz Fassihi, an Iranian-American “journalist” for the Paper of Record, is out with this catchy headline going to print on Thursday – After Years of Vowing to Destroy Israel, Iran Faces a Dilemma ...Right now Iran is in control mode — it is telling all of them, including Hezbollah, to keep things boiling but have restraint.” Advertisement.

Poor, Poor Iran

Hot Air 01 Nov 2023
Poor Iran. The ultimate paymaster for the radical terrorist groups in the Middle East is Iran, and the New York Times gives a rather flattering portrayal of the dilemma Iran faces in calibrating its proxy attacks on Israel ... Poor Iran ... For more than four decades, Iran’s rulers have pledged to destroy Israel.

When nations go to war, democracy is under stress

Hindustan Times 30 Oct 2023
But the barbarous desire for bloodshed between Israel and its neighbours has reminded us of a time when war hogged the headlines. Wars between Iran and Iraq, the US and Iraq, Russia and Afghanistan, and the US and Afghanistan destroyed the hopes of millions.

Widening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Yellow Journalism Stoking Potential War on Iran

GlobalResearch 29 Oct 2023
The latest target appears to be Iran, whose Islamist government neoconservatives in Washington and Tel Aviv have long dreamed of overthrowing ... Blinken’s comments undercut The Wall Street Journal’s headline, though subtly insinuate that Iran was or could have been behind the attacks and that evidence would emerge about this.

A 16-Year-Old Iranian Girl Has Died After an Alleged Encounter With Morality Police 

Time 28 Oct 2023
A 16-year-old who made headlines in early October, after she entered a subway car in Iran with her hair uncovered, only to be removed from the car unconscious a short while later, has died, per reports from state media ... In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter) New York's Center for Human Rights in Iran commented.

Maine lifts shelter in place order amid manhunt for Lewiston massacre suspect; all 18 victims identified

SCNOW Morning News 28 Oct 2023
LEWISTON, Maine — Maine officials have lifted a shelter-in-place order as the search for the suspect in the Lewiston mass shooting continues ... All of the victims' families have been notified, officials said. Sauschuck read the names aloud ... This morning's top headlines ... US strikes Iran-linked sites in Syria in retaliation for attacks on US troops.

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